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Big News! Big Mike's Bail Bonds Now Accepts DUI Bails Online! Get Out Of Jail Fast And Easy With Our Secure Online Bail Bond Service. We Understand That Being Arrested For A DUI Can Be Stressful And Overwhelming.

That's Why Big Mike's Bail Bonds Is Committed To Making The Bail Process As Painless As Possible. Now, You Can Post Bail For A DUI Entirely Online! Here's how it works: Visit our website and fill out our online bail request form.

1. We will contact you immediately to verify your information and discuss your options.

2. Once approved, you can securely pay your bail online.

3. We will handle all the paperwork and get your loved one released as soon as possible.


Big Mikes Bail Bonds

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If you are in Trouble

You or a loved one may need to post bail now. It’s difficult to learn everything you need to know about bail bonds when you need to act quickly.
A bail bond company can come to the rescue when you or someone you care about gets into legal trouble.

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When you’re arrested for a crime, you may have the opportunity to post bail so you can continue to go about your daily life until you can appear before the court. This can be difficult if you don’t have the money lying around to pay it. This is where Big Mike’s Bail Bonds comes into play. We can help you pay bail online in West Palm Beach, FL, so you can get the process moving and get home sooner. When you pay your bail bond online, you won’t have to wait around until someone can withdraw the money and then get it to you.


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Bail Bond Services


Whether you are the one posting bail or you are trying to help a family member of a friend find online bail bonds in West Palm Beach, FL, we are ready to assist. When you pay your bond online, you will be able to get the money where it needs to go more quickly so you can get out of jail and start working on your defense with as little disruption as possible to your daily life. It’s our goal to make accessing the money you need fast and easy.

It can be stressful to worry about how you will be able to post your bail, which is why our West Palm Beach, FL, company strives to help you pay bail online so you can start moving forward as quickly as possible.


Clear warrants with a simple call and don't spend a night in jail.

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Florida State Bail Fees are 10% of your Court Ordered Bail.

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Big Mike

Michael Nefzger or Big Mike, as he is referred to by those that know him, spends his days helping people change their lives.  Is he an expert in mental health? Not even close.   Is he an expert life coach?  Not really.  Is he a substance abuse counselor? No, he isn’t.  Big Mike is none of those things, but in his job every day, he helps all kinds of people with all kinds of problems, and he does so in one of the most misunderstood professions around.  Big Mike is a West Palm Beach bail bondsman and he spent this past weekend with the Palm Beach Post setting the record straight on the bail bond profession.

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