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Often times, someone who has an outstanding warrant doesn’t find out until an officer pulls them over for a routine traffic stop and looks up their record in the database. While a warrant can take you by surprise and end up being costly, there are also ways to determine if you have one, mitigate its effect on your life, and clear it without much hassle.

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First of all, what exactly is a warrant? A warrant is basically an order for you to appear in court. The appearance can be for any number of reasons, including to face charges for a crime or to attend a court date that you have missed. A warrant grants permission to an officer of the law to arrest you in order to make you appear in court. A warrant does not necessarily mean that you will be thrown in jail or that you have been found guilty of any sort of crime.

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So, how do you clear a warrant? The simple, inescapable answer is that you appear in court. A warrant will never go away until you make an appearance in court. The consequences rendered to you after that can be any number of things, including nothing, but will most likely only be worse the longer you wait to deal with your warrant.

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By using Big Mikes Bail bondsservices, it is possible for you to clear a bench warrant without first appearing in court, but you will have to appear in court for the resulting court date. You can avoid the entire booking process and simply go directly to your court date with a bail bond backing you up. This means that you can also be sure you won’t be taken into custody as a result of the court proceedings, as the bail bond has already insured your freedom.