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Bail fee's / Collateral

State Bail Fees

At Big Mike’s Bail Bonds, we are required to adhere to state-mandated standards for bail bond company fees in the state of Florida. According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, we must charge 10% on State bonds and 15% on all Federal bonds. Also, all professional bail bond agencies must obtain a minimum of two types of collateral which include a promissory note as well as an indemnity agreement. These documents are legally binding and will help to ensure that the defendant appears in court.

Review Your Bail Responsibilities

Bail is set in place to guarantee that a defendant shows up in court on the date of their designated court appearance. If the defendant fails to appear in court when they should, they will face the possibility of legal and monetary responsibilities for the entire amount of the bond. They will also have to pay attorney fees and surrender fees. It is important to review and understand one’s legal responsibility for posting bail for a loved one or a friend. The details are outlined on our FORMS page.

After the case is settled and the charges being brought against the defendant are resolved, our agency will provide you with the full amount of your collateral within 21 days of the bond being discharged.

If a bail company claims to offer the lowest fees, be wary of this as all fees are established by the state of Florida. If you have any questions, please call us for more information at (561) 686-2221.


For example, if a state bond is $5000 you will be required to pay the bondsman $500 for the release of your friend or loved one.


If a federal bond is $5000 you will be required to pay the bondsman $750 for the release of your friend or loved one.

Bail Bond Fees

If the Bond amount is below
$1000 then a flat fee of $100 is charged. These fees are not refundable!